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I just saw your question about the difference between LOAD and MASS:
In the paddock there has been a confusion for decades about both terms.
This is mainly a confusion due to the « everyday day » meaning of words where LOAD means « WEIGHT » and the scientific meaning where LOAD is exclusively dynamic (« Load transfer »).
So the MASS is represented by a vertical vector going from the CoG to the center of the earth.
The LOAD on the contrary is the resultant between: 1° The same vertical MASS vector and 2° The horizontal force vector representing E (kinetic energy or 1/2 of MC2).
Therefore maximum LOAD during full braking or full acceleration is reached when this RESULTANT is coincident with front and rear tire contact with the ground.
In order to reach that maximum LOAD (on a motocrcyle, not on a car of course) on the rear tire, all riders know instinctively that they have to draw there MASS on the front as much as they can. And vice versa for braking.

So I can any team can possibly set-up its bikes when mixing-up 2 completely antagonist words ?
Is it every time they say : « We went the wrong way » ?

To make thing easy to understand MASS is the ennemy and LOAD is your friend. Of course they also have got antagonist curves.

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